Friday, January 13, 2012


Flying geese is a classic block that looks easy but can be hard! Traditionally you sew two small triangles to a larger one. The technique I am using helps you avoid stretching the seam while sewing on the bias. We will use a rectangle and two squares. It wastes a bit of fabric, but you will like the results.  

This is an overview of how the geese are made. The steps are pictured and described below.

 Cut 24  2”x 2” squares of background fabric.
Cut 12  2”x 3 1/2” rectangles of various fabrics.

On the back of the 24 squares draw a diagonal line from corner to corner.. Place the fabric on  a cutting mat; it helps to provide traction. 

Place one square on a rectangle, right sides together. Stitch on diagonal.

 Sew all 12 one after another (sausage stitching). Trim seam allowance to 1/4”.
Press seam toward darker fabric.

Place square at other end of rectangle, right sides together, so diagonals form a point. Stitch on diagonal.

 You will end up with 12 geese.
Make 2 strips of geese by sewing one strip of 8 geese (12.5x3.5") 
and one strip of 4 geese (6.5x3.5").
If your edges seem a bit wonky when the blocks are finished–don't worry and DO NOT trim them. They will look straight and fine when all of the blocks are sewn together.

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  1. i am so happy to have found your your tutorial posts. i will have fun checking in with you to see what new blocks you are working on.