Friday, September 9, 2011

Roman four square

Here is the first block of our quilt.  I think the photos will help you get off to a good start.  Leave a comment if you have any questions.  We would love photos of your fabric choices and completed blocks as you go.  Happy piecing!

Choose your fabric

Cut 16    5” x 1 5/8” strips  of various colors, the length of the strips parallel to the selvage 

 You need 16 strips total

Arrange the stips 
Snap a picture so you can refer back to it as you sew

With 1/4” foot, sew your stips, right sides together!

Press, dry iron, on top, away from the light strips if possible

Sew and press the 4 sections

Sew right 2 sections together
Sew left 2 sections together 
Press as you go

 Line up the middle seams

Pin on either side of seam
Line up ends and sew!!!!

 The completed block


  1. I could not find ANYTHING on the roman four square. I'll keep looking. Thanks for posting the tutorial...

  2. Maybe try looking for just Roman Square. I'll see if I can find other names for the block. I guess we may never know it's history. Oh well, we tried.

  3. Hi, I'm Kesli, one of Kendra's friends, currently living in Moldova just north of Turkey. I'm a little late in starting with you guys but would love to join along. I just completed this square and want to know what the finished dimension should be. Thanks. I am looking forward to quilting along with everyone.

  4. Welcome to the group! You will be able to catch up easily and we are happy you found us! The Roman 4 Square is 9 1/2", rough edge to rough edge. When the quilt is sewn together, seam to seam, the block will measure 9" square. Hope that helps. We would love to see photos of your fabrics and blocks as they are done. Keep in touch. Have a great day, or is it evening? Jane